A working photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Ellis Vener

Thank you for visiting. I have been a photographer for longer than I haven’t been a photographer, but I have loved photography for even longer than I’ve been a photographer. My father introduced me to it when I was a kid and I’d watch him print his pictures in a temporary darkroom he’d set up at night in the kitchen.  Mostly I do assignment work on location for companies, PR agencies, ad agencies, graphic designers, etc.

Although I now live in Atlanta I am a fourth generation Texan and lived and worked in Houston from 1981-2002. Before that I, I was busy getting my BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas in Austin. For the past few years I’ve been writing regularly enough for “Professional Photographer” magazine that a couple of years go they made me one of their three “Technical Editors”.

Marriage brought me to Atlanta, a city unlike Houston as it has hills, big trees, four seasons, and a better quality of bad air.  Most of the people I’ve met here are really nice and I feel lucky to be a member of so many terrific communities through involvement with my daughter’s school, The Temple, my neighborhood, etc.