A working photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

I like big cameras. I like their heft and size and the way they feel in my hands. Maybe their mass makes me feel more actively involved in the art and craft of photography ( interior monologue: “Since I’ve lugged this beast out here, better make the effort worthwhile!”), and  I like their versatility.

But a big camera isn’t always the best tool for the job. Such was the case with this photo, shot with the Fujifilm X100   I am currently reviewing, the Fujifilm Finepix Pix X100.  The X100 looks kind of like an old Leica or Contax or Nikon rangefinder camera but smaller. It lacks interchangeable Ienses, has too many controls packed into a small space and is not a true rangefinder. Those are serious limitations but the lens is excellent, the sensor is roughly 12mp, I am not limited to JPEG only shooting and internally it sports a decently sized  (15.8 x 23.6mm APS-C format) CMOS as opposed to the really small sensors you find in most similar size cameras. Those factors combined with its small size, low weight, and simple lines make it ideal as an inconspicuous full time carry around camera.

The compact size and low weight also means I was able to get this shot which I could not have made with a larger heavier camera (at least not without a heavy tripod and a side arm rig) as the PoV for it required me laying down on the edge of a pond while stretching my body and right arm out over the water as far I could go without overbalancing and falling in.

As always you can click on the image  to see a larger view.



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